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IPCC to investigate student wounded in protests.

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A wide range of organisations have mobilised their supporters into action in recent months and scores of splinter groups with varying political agendas were in evidence at the tuition fee protests on Thursday. Among the more peaceful groups were Coalition of Resistance, which was launched by Tony Benn in August, which campaigns against the economic cuts in general; and Stop Fees and Cuts, which has similar aims.

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Protestors claim the cuts being forced on the public sector would not need to be so harsh if large firms paid their full tax burden. It is thought some of the demonstrators responsible for the attack on the car containing the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were on their way towards the Oxford Street branch of Topshop when the incident occurred. More smashed windows, more hospitalised coppers and many more assaults on royals.

The Socialist youth movement Revolution - some of whom stormed Millbank Tower - also urged its followers to take part.

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  7. But among the anti-capitalist groups, the far left political organisations and anarchists was a large number of perhaps the most sinister individuals intent on hijacking the day and causing as much trouble as possible. Gangs of teenage boys, most wearing balaclavas or scarves across their face, hid themselves among the students before forming groups of 20 or 30 once the police had sealed the area.

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    The youths, carrying weapons including hammers, attempted to lure other protesters into fights, systematically smashed windows of any building close by and burned anything flammable. Many students complained that they had been mugged or had their pockets picked. You have created your company profile and company admin account. Add information - Look for the blue texts with the [image] prompts and click to complete each section on the current tab.

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    This leaflet supports implementation of recommendations in the NICE guidelines on processes for antimicrobial stewardship and behaviour change for antimicrobial stewardship. The leaflet may also be used during primary care consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient and their GP on specific topics like treatment or safety netting.

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    Diagnostic Tools A series of quick reference tools for diagnosis of UTIs including knowing when to use the microbiology laboratory and how to understand results. UTI quick reference tools are available for:.

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    Managing UTI eModule explains the importance and appropriateness of diagnostics and offers advice on how to assess and treat patients with a range of urinary symptoms.